Down jackets cannot be washed or dried with a washing machine. This can easily cause the down inside of the clothes to push together and affect the wearing. The specific washing and maintenance precautions are as follows:

One: Must wash your hands
Inside the down coat, there is a small label printed with maintenance and washing instructions. Careful people will find that 90% of the down jackets are marked with hand-washing and should not be dry-cleaned, because the dry-cleaning syrup will affect the warmth, and will also make the fabric aging . The machine wash and spin-dry, the jacket after being twisted, can easily lead to uneven thickness of the filling, making the clothing out of shape, affecting the appearance and warmth. Two: 30 degree water temperature rinse

First down jacket soaked in cold water for 20 minutes, so that down jacket fully moist inside and outside. Dissolve the detergent in warm water of 30 degrees, then place the down jacket in it for a quarter of a minute, then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse also use warm water, which can help the detergent to fully dissolve in the water, allowing the down jacket to be rinsed more cleanly.

Three: The use of detergent concentration can not be too high or use neutral detergent
If you must use detergent to wash replica canada goose jacket, usually two basins of water into 4 to 5 tablespoons of detergent is appropriate, if the concentration is too high, it is difficult to rinse clean, the remaining detergent in the down, will affect the bulkiness of the down, greatly reducing Warmth. Neutral detergents have minimal damage to clothing and down products. Alkaline detergents are used. If the rinse is not clean, the remaining detergent will damage the down jacket and leave white marks on the surface of the clothing, affecting the appearance. After removing the residual alkaline detergent, after two rinsings, add two tablespoons of vinegar in warm water, soak the down jacket for a while and then rinse. The vinegar can neutralize the alkaline detergent. Four: can not be wrung out

After the down jacket has been washed, it should not be wrung out. It should be squeezed out of the water and then tiled or hung to dry. Do not expose to the sun and do not iron to avoid scalding. After drying, tap gently to return the jacket to fluffiness and softness.

Five: Zipper closed washing
The zipper should be closed when the replica canada goose down jacket is being washed, and the zipper head should be wrapped with plastic paper to prevent the down jacket fabric from being worn during washing, and the reverse side cleaning is required.
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Wash three bogey:

A bogey dry cleaning. Because the tetrachloroethylene syrup will destroy the protein in the down, affecting the thermal performance, while the drying process allows the fabric to age.
Second bogey wash process using alkaline lotion. Down wash can not use alkaline lotion, so as to avoid excessive degreasing and brittle down feathers. It is best to use a dedicated down jacket cleaner for cleaning down jackets. Due to their neutrality, they can reduce the destructive effect on protein fibers, and have excellent detergency and protective conditioning. After washing, they can maintain the luster of the down jacket and fluffy inside.

Three bogey ironing. The proper washing method for replica moncler down jackets should be hand wash, neutral lotion, and light brush with a soft brush. After cleaning, place it in a cool place and dry it.

Down jacket maintenance tips:
How to wash down jacket to make it extend the service life, keep warm and beautiful as new? Professionals pointed out that if you can always pay attention to the cleaning of down jackets, try to reduce the number of washing, will help down jacket maintenance. Partial cleaning is a good choice.

Partial cleaning: If the down jacket is only partially dirty, you do not need to wash the entire part. Because the down jacket fabric is a coated fabric that has been treated by the US DuPont Teflon water repellent, oil repellent, and anti-fouling treatment, as long as a few drops of collar net or detergent spirit in the dirty place, a few minutes later with a wet towel can be decontamination. If it is not clean, repeat it several more times.

If the down coat is not dirty, dry cleaning can be used. Gently wipe the petrol with a towel at the neckline, cuffs, front placket, etc. After the oil is removed, wipe it with a dry towel and dip in the petrol. After the gasoline is evaporated, it can be worn.
Whole cleaning: If the down jacket is too dirty, only the overall washing method is used. To prevent the filler from being attacked by excessive amounts of alkaline substances, use a small amount of neutral detergent or detergent, reconcile with warm water at 35 degrees Celsius, and completely soak the laundry in the washing liquid for 15 minutes; put the clothes in the sink Wash the dirt on the washboard or other flat surface with a soft brush in turn, and do not rub it hard enough to prevent the knot from tying down. Then squeeze out the washing liquid, but do not try to twist the clothes. Rinse the replica moncler jacket on the net and drain to prevent it. Too much moisture in the down, too much weight, deformation when drying, until the time of dripping, put clothes out in a ventilated place to dry, not exposure or baking. When it is going to dry, it can be tapped with a hand or a small wooden stick to restore the natural fluffy state of the down, and it is also conducive to thoroughly dry the filling and prevent mold.
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In order to avoid the appearance of soap stains on the down apparel fabrics, in addition to properly grasping the wash liquor concentration, two tablespoons of vinegar can be placed in the clean water after the floats are floated twice. The vinegar can neutralize the remaining washing liquid in the down jacket. However, it must be noted that the fresh water with vinegar must be warm, so that the washing liquid in the down coat will be fully dissolved in the water. If the down jacket after washing has soap stains, use clean cotton and rub it with industrial alcohol, and then wipe it again.

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